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Solidex Battery Charger
Onlyo DK-C600 Magazine Camcorder Pan Heads

Camcorder Pan Head/Supports. These are used and have key locks. I don't have the keys but you can remove the lock assembly and modify it so it can be used without a key. I did this and use it in my Chev Suburban. Have 5 Black and 3 Grey. $15 each or all 8 for $85.00.

Onkyo Magazine DK-C600 CD Player Magazine in Like New Condition. Holds 6 CD's $12.00

Sony Laser Link Package

SOLIDEX Excelcharge VC-88 Battery Charger for Camcorder NiCad batteries. Charges Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and Sharp Batteries. Has REFRESH button so batteries can be discharged (cycled) before charging. Input: 12v DC. Input Capacity: 1A. Output: DC 7.5v 1A. Exellent condition, only used a few times. Cost $30.00. Sell for $15.00 plus shipping which will be calculated using your zip code.

Laser Link w/cables

Sony LaserLink(R) IR Transmitter connects your Sony camcorder to your TV via infrared wireless technology, so you can watch your camcorder videos on the TV set without the bother of wires! With this device you merely point the camera to the receiver, push the Super Laser Link button on your camcorder and there it goes. Your newly shot footage without the fumbling around for the A/V cables, going behind the TV or finding the input jacks on your VCR. It is that easy! For Handycam Camcorders equipped with Infrared transmitter (look for the LaserLink logo on camcorder, e.g. Sony TRV-17 & many others). Playback Handycam Camcorder without wire connection. Usable up to 26 feet distance. High-quality video with stereo sound. AC Power Supply & manual & AV cables included. (Manual can also be downloaded). >br>
In original package with AC Module and Audio & Video Cables. In Like New condition/Used once. Only $24.00. video and motion graphics training