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Click on image to see my High Sierra mobile antenna installation on my 1997 Suburban

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Coax Switch Power Supply-DC 3 Amp

Power Supply- 3 Amp. Home brew on old CB chassis. Sure doesn’t look very good but it works fine. I etched the board my self. Has crowbar overload circut. Good inexpensive 3 amp supply for recievers or low power transcievers. Image on request. $15.00

Antenna Switch. Heathkit 5 position Coxial Switch with ground postion. SO-239 connectors. $35.00.

Proto-Board Antenna Spring and Ball Mount
IBM Power Supply - 12 volt 6 amp

Antenna, Spring and Ball Mount.
6' Stainless Antenna not shown.
Ball Mount missing top half of ball.
$28.00 for all three.

Proto-Board no.100.
Used twice. $18.00

IBM 12 volt 6 Amp Power Supply
This is a very rugged supply. The supply is IBM that I purchased at a hamfest years ago and I put it in a nice crackle grey cabinet and installed a pilot light. It served me well in my early days. I’m positive it has overload protection. It’ a bit large for a 6 amp supply but it you have the room it should last a lifetime. It weighs 26 lbs. $25.00.

ICOM mobile mounting brackets (6" x 2") for 22-A and 22-S rigs. One with DC cable & fuse. $12.00. Other without cable $10.00.
• KLM 16 element 2 meter beam with Balun and manual. $125

CB (none)