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Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Lock-Up Tester w/meter. GM vehicles. $85.00.
Automatic Transmission Bushing Drivers, Spring Compressors and Seal Installers
(See Tools and Machinery Page-with images)
Audio Cassette Tapes of Automatic Transmission Seminars from 1979-1988. About 60 hours of technical information on GM, Ford, Chrysler Corp. products and even foriegn transmission. $175.00..
1978 Nova Radiator w/cooler (reconditioned). Cars with automatic trans. $35.00.

Transgo 200 ShiftKit- shift improver kit

MotorMotor Services New Automotive Encyclopedia.
LIKE NEW CONTITION! 824 pages. THOUSANDS OF ILLUSTRATIONS. Complete Course in Automotive Mechanics with Special Emphasis on Fundamental Principles & Trouble Shooting, Published By The Former Publisher's of Dyke's Auto Encyclopedia, Copyright 1954, 1956! It Covers Automotive Engines, Carburetion Fuels, Starting, Lighting, Ignition, Steering Control, Wheel Alignment, Clutches, Transmissions, Final Drives, Auto Air Conditioning, Body Repairing and Refinishing, Shop Layout, Tools, Equipment, also British & Australian Cars and Twenty-Five Years of Mechanical and Tune-up Specifications!! This Book is in LIKE NEW CONDITION and a Must for Any Mechanic working on older cars. 1932-1952 Official Mechanical & Tuneup Specifications. Even lists what the vehicles cost when new. A SUPERB BOOK! JPEG image of a page with illustrations on request.$95.00.

1991 Buiick Manuals

(3) TransGo 200 Shift Kits (fits 76-78) Shift improver kit. Kit prevents/corrects direct clutch failure, soft shifts, late shifts, 3-2 clunk and more. $$15.00 each or all three for $32.00.

1991 Buick Manuals - Park Ave and Park Avenue Ultra
Both Service and Electrical Systems

Very good condition. No soiled or missings pages.
Automatic Transmision Filter Ford ATX

ATX Transmission filters (7). Fits Ford products with ATX transmissions. $15.00 for all seven.

Automatic Transmission Parts
GM vehicles
Qty. Trans/description
(1) 200-4R Pump Assy. (rebuilt) $55.00.
(2) FIOD Planet Carrier Assemblys. (good used). 35.00 each.

Manuals (Repair, Parts & Labor, Service, Automatic Transmission, Motor, Chilton, Owners)t
Type: SP=Shop Manual, OM=Owners Manual, S=Service Manual, T=Transmission Manual
PR=Parts Requisition, R= Repair (Motor/Chilton), F=Flat Rate & Parts, OT=Other, PS=Product School.
CC=Cover Condition PC=Page Condition
(E=Excellent, V=Very Good, G=Good, F=Fair, P=Poor)

Click here to see images of the Manuals with the YEAR in BOLD Type

YR Type Name Notes CC PC Price
56 F CHILTON'S Flat Rate Manual (27th edition) green V V 40.00
80 F MITCHELL Mechanical Parts/Labor Estimating Guide (80th edition) orange E E 25.00
51 F MOTOR Flat Rate Manual (23th edition) maroon F V 45.00
62 F MOTOR Flat Rate & Parts Manual (34th edition) maroon G G 35.00
58 F MOTOR Flat Rate & Parts Manual (30th edition) maroon F G 40.00
46 OM MERCURY V-8 Operators Manual (MODEL 69M)  Owners Manual (24 pg.) G V 35.00
58 PR HYDRA-MATIC Transmission United Motor Service F V 40.00
56 PS BUICK Product School Manual    F E 20.00
52 R MOTOR Auto Repair Manual (15th edition) blue G G 55.00
61 R MOTOR Auto Repair Manual (24th edition) blue V V 45.00
58 R MOTOR Truck Repair Manual (11 edition/green) E V 58.00
58 SM BUICK Chassis Service Manual   G E 50.00
58 SM BUICK Chassis Service Manual 2" corner torn from back cover V E 45.00
59 SM BUICK Chassis Service Manual almost like new E E 55.00
77 SM BUICK Chassis Service Manual (All series)   V V 45.00
77 SM BUICK Chassis Service Manual (All series)   E E 55.00
50 SM BUICK Shop Manual Covers missing na G 35.00
54 SM BUICK Shop Manuals (2 of these in same condition)   V E 45.00
60 SM CHEVORLET CORVAIR Shop Manual S&M 21 E E 55.00
59-60 SM CHEVROLET Shop Manual (Passenger Car)   E E 50.00
76 SM OLDSMOBILE Service Manual (all series)   V E 45.00
76 OW OLDSMOBILE Owners Manual V V 25.00
76 SM Fisher Body Service Manual E E 65.00
58 T Buick FLIGHT PITCH GM manual E E 62.00
57 T HYDRA-MATIC Transmission (Controlled Coupling) Snap-on (Red/spiral bound) F V 50.00
56 T HYDRA-MATIC Transmission (service manual) United Motor Service/spiral bound F E 45.00
<-62 T Lincoln Technical Institute (GM & FORD units up to 1962) Lock Binder (14 different transmissions) E V 60.00
69 T OPEL Automatic Transmission SERVICE MANUAL KADETT (not a bound book) na G 38.00
56 T Pontiac HYDRA-MATIC Manual (GM) Strato-Flight/Dual Range G V 45.00
BW T CHECKER Trans BW with Aluminum Valve Body Oil Flow Diagrams (39 pages) G V 45.00

Automaitc Transmission Parts Reqisition Booklets (General Motors): A great way to identify Parts. Exploded views of individual parts including valve bodies. With Part Numbers. Each about 15 pages.
Click here to see complete list with sample images

To see IMAGES of the below Manuals - CLICK in the YELLOW Headings (Page A, B or C)

Auto Trans: Page "A" Item Price
700-R4Transmission Overhaul. (87 pg.) 55.00
THM125C Transmission Overhaul. (72 pg.) 55.00
C-5 Transmission Overhaul. (60 pg.) 45.00
A-404 Transmission Overhaul. (65 pg.) HAVE (3) 45.00
Torqueflite 404, 413, 415 & 470 Overhaul. Diagnosis, Testing, Maintenance, Adjustments, Oil Diagrams, Tools & More. (96 pg.) 30.00
ToyotaA-130 Transmission Overhaul. (89 pg.) 65.00
ToyotaA-140Transmission Overhaul. (85 pg.) 45.00
ToyotaA-240 Transmission Overhaul. (88 pg.) 45.00
JATCO Trans Overhaul - IN COLOR Description, Operation, Hydraulic System and Circuits (72 pg.) Images of Cover and inside page. 45.00
Seminar Technical Page "B" Description
1986 Computer Transmission Technology 1986 Computer Transmission Technology – FM, Ford, Chry, Toyota, Nissan: Operation, Fault Codes, Diagnosis, Wiring, Adjustments, Lockup Clutch, Flow Chart. (96 pg.) 40.00
1986 Technical Service Info Package GM, Ford, Chry, Toyota, Nissan. Tech Info, Trouble Codes, Engine Spes. (96 pg.) 35.00
1987 Computer Transmission Technology GM, Ford, Chry, Tech Info. (95 pg.) 40.00
Seminar-1980 GM Technical Service Bulletins. (51 pg.) 20.00
Seminar-1981 GM, Ford, Chry Technical Service Bulletins, Specs, Fixes. (66 pg.) 20.00
Seminar-1983 GM, Ford Technical Service Bulletins, Diagnosis, Electrical Wiring. (104 pg.) 35.00
Seminar-1984 (Set of 2-GOLD below)
Seminar-1984 GOLD
Ford, Chry Tech Bulletins (both 1984 Seminar for $45.00). (96 pg.)
Trouble Codes, Wiring Trouble Codes, Wiring. (no image). (87 pg.)
Seminar-1985 GM, Ford, Chry Tech Bulletins, Tips, Modifications. (96 pg.) 35.00
SpaceAge-1985 1985 GM & Ford Trouble Codes, Electrical, Converter Operation. (104 pg.) 35.00
1987 Technical GM, Ford & Chry - Converters, Updates. (95 pg.) 40.00
Identification Page "C" Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Loaders, Crawlers Price
Vehicle ID - 1938-1968 (73 pg.) Complete Guide to the Identification of Domestic and Foreign Vehicles including Trucks 45.00
Vehicle ID - 1969-1982 (131 pg.) Complete Guide to the Identification of Domestic and Foreign Vehicles 55.00
NATB 1981-1984 (155 pg) Passenger Vehicle Indentification Manual 55 Edition 1984 45.00
Commerical Vehicle and Off Road Equipment Idenditication Manual
Trucks, Tractors, Loaders, Crawlers - (153 pages)
THIRD EDITION Case, Brockway, Freightliner, Massey Ferguson, Long, John Deere, Polar, Autocar, Mack, Crane, Kenworth, Heil, International, Fiat Allis, Budd, Butler, Volvo, Volkswagen and many more 65.00
Dodge Spirit & Plymouth Acclaim manual

Dodge Spirit & Plymouth Acclaim - 1988 thru 1995 Automotive Repair Manual. Haynes ISBN 1 56392 141 3.
Very good condition. $13.00 plus $4.50 USPS Priority Mail.

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