Automatic Transmission Parts Requisition Booklets (GM and Opel)

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A great way to identify individual parts (with OEM part numbers) and see just where they are located, such as valve body springs and valves.
$8.00 each for the GM and $13.00 for the OPEL

1 Buick 64-69 Super Trubine 300
1 Pontiac 61-63 Temtest (rear trans)
2 Pontiac 56-62 Jetaway
1 Pontiac 64-66 Temtest 300 (2 speed)
1 Pontiac 61-63 Roto-Hydramatic "Slim Jim"
1 Opel 69-74 3 speed automatic ($10.00)

Sample of cover and inside page

Parts Requesition Cover Parts Requesition-Inside