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Software (click here or scroll down) 7 Port USB Hub/Powered7 Port USB Hub-Powered. Entrega Technologies. Original box. Mint condition. Mac-Hub-7U. Designed for use with MacOS and works with Windows95 and 98 too. $25.00
TurboMouse Tracball

TurboMouse 5 (Mac). Four button with two ADB ports model 64210. Excellent condtion. After using a trackball you will wonder why you ever used a mouse. No need for a lot of desktop real estate. $40.00.

Microsoft Intellimouse USB

Microsoft Intellimouse 5 button. USB & Scroll button. In original box. $28.00

USB 2.0 PCI Card
Zip Disks FUJI

SCSI 68 Pin Ribbon CableRibbon Cable. SCSI 68 pin with terminator. 28 inches. For connection one additional SCSI drive to a SCSI card. NEW. $4.00

Keyspan USB 2.0 Two Port PCI Card. $12.00
SonyMemory Stick USB Adapter/Reader
Microtech USB CameraMate

Microtech USB CameraMate Card Reader Reads both Compact Flash and SmartMedia. $12.00.

Zip Disks
Two are new and the rest have only been writted to once to archive files.
(6) 100 MB $3.00 each
(3) 250 MB $4.50 each
$28.00 for all 9.

Memory Stick USB Adapter/Reader (Sony) MSAC-US1) NEW!
-Read/write to/from Memory Stick media via USB port for fast file transfer
• Up to 3 Mb/s transfer rate
•USB cable and driver software supplied
•Compatible with Windows 95/98 and Mac OS 8.5.1/8.6/ 9.0. $13.00.

*DB-50 Male (Centronics) to Powerbook (square) 18”. $13.00.
*DB-25 Male DB-50 Male (Centronics) 79”. $20.00. (have 2).
*DB-50 Male (Centronics) to DB-50 Male (Centronics). 24”. $9.00.
*DB-50 Male (Centronics) to DB-50 Male (Centronics). 36”. $10.00. (have 2).
*DB-25 Male to DUAL DB-50/centronics (Male & Female). 60”. $10.00.
*DB-25 Male to DB-50 Male (Centronics). 29”. $9.00

Hardware (PC/Mac)

Data Switch-CentronicsData Switch Centronics 36 AB two position Data Switch. With 30 inch cable with Male Centronics 36 on one end and Male DB 25 on the other end. Also an adapter with Male Centronics 36 on one end and Female DB 25 on the other end. New, never used. All for $12.00. Shipping will be calculated using your ZIP CODE.

OTHER-Media, etc.
-Syquest 44MB Cartidge (PC). $10.00.
-Books & Videos (see Books & Videos in Directory)

HARDWARE-Mac & PC (Misc.)
Minutemann 500 Watt UPS Backup Power Supply by PARA Systems. A-1 condition. $55.00)

Learn Windows 7

Software Macintosh (unless otherwise indicated)  

Hemera The Big Box of Art 215,000
The Big Box of Art from Hemera provides 215,000 royalty-free images for use in your personal or professional projects. With 750-page printed catalog (Hemera NO LONGER includes a Catalog!). $25.00
110,000 vector clip art images.
10,000 Hemera Photo-Objects. 10,000 raster illustrations.
20,000 professional color photographs. 10,000 professional black and white photographs.
25,000 images pre-optimized for use on the Web. 26,000 Web graphics 2,000 textured photos.
1,500 animations. 500 PhotoFont texture.
2,000 textured photos
28,000 Web graphics
1,500 animations
500 PhotoFont textures
System Requirements: PowerPc 233 MHz or faster, Mac OS 9.0 or later, OS X, 64 MB RAM, 400 MB hard drive space, CD-ROM Drive, 256-color display
Print Explosion® Deluxe, the fastest, easiest way to create one–of–a–kind custom greeting cards, signs, banners and more. It's easy to use, so you don't need to be a computer whiz. And with more than 8,800 ready–made professional designs for virtually every occasion under the sun, you don't need to be an artist either. Print Explosion Deluxe was designed exclusively with the Macintosh in mind. So you know it works like a Mac program should. And that puts Print Explosion Deluxe in a class of its own.
* Any PowerPC based Macintosh including iMac * 16MB of available RAM * CD–ROM drive * System 7.6.1 or later, and OS X 10.1 or later * Product includes both Classic (PPC) and OS X (Carbon) applicatios *Compatible with all popular printers. Version 2 with version 2.0.7 Update included. $15.00

• TRAINING VIDEOS (Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Canvas) See "Books/Videos".
• PrintShop Deluxe CD Ensemble• V1.1.2.. Create Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Certificates, Calendars, Banners, Business Cards and More! Over 1600 Graphic graphics, 73 Scalable fonts, 3500 Text Effects and hundreds of beautifully crafted layouts-all on ONE CD. Mac with 68020 processor or higher or Power PC: including SE/30, Classic II, LC, Performa, Quadra and Powerbook 140 and higher. $20.00.
•ViaVoice Millennium Edition
. NEW in the original box with warranty card and headset. $42.00.
•Deneba Cad 2.0 for Mac OS 9. Manual and CD. Excellent CAD Program. $65.00.
•Adobe Acrobat 3.0. $45.00..
•Artbeats WebTools on CD (Mac & PC). Bars, Buttons, Backgrounds, etc. Loaded with tools to make creating your own web page easy. $15.00 plus $5.50 shipping for USPS 2nd Day Priority mail Insured.
•Excel 4.0. Runs on System 6.0.2 or later. Requires only 1MB RAM. Original disks and Manuals. $85.00...

•Canvas 5 Videos. Three GREAT videos. . .
DRAWING & VECTOR EFFECTS: You can use the techniques in this video to create your won logos, clip art, posters, and flyers. Everything from Bezier curves to special vector effects and web graphics is explained in detail. Even if drawing is not your forte, you'll learn shortcuts that make drawing complex shapes simple.
IMAGE EDITING & PAINTING: You'll see how easy it is to add special effects to scanned photos or stock images. You'll see how to confine images to create new designs, add transparent borders to a picture, and even paint your own work of art. Weather you want to just embellish a design or create web graphics in Canvas, its all clearly presented in this volume.
DOCUMENT DESIGN & OUTPUT. You'll learn lots of useful tips and guidelines for designing presentations, brochures and newsletters in this video. There are techniques for using master pages effectively, fine-tuning a column layout, and even preparing files for professional output. From the smallest newsletter to an important corporate presentation, you'll find out how you can use Canvas to make it better.
Contains 4-1/2 hours of professionally done video. The best $45.00 you'll ever spend.
•American Heritage Talking Dictionary 4.0. Learn how to pronounce words by just clicking on them. Includes Roget’s Deluxe Thesaurus and Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. Can be used without the CD just to check spelling. $35.00.
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