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Pool Chlorinator - Waterway In Original Box (used one week)
Pool Chlorinator Waterway

Clearwater Automatic Chlorinator
Part Number: CCF012/CCF012W

ClearWater automatic chlorinators and brominators provide safe and reliable pool sanitation. ClearWater's durable flow valve for regulating chlorine or bromine flow features a built-in check valve to prevent the backflow of chemical into the pump when the pool is off. The flow valve can easily removed for periodic cleaning.


Clear vessel design simplifies knowing when to add chemicals
Dial for controlling flow.


2 barbed fittings to simplify hook-up to above ground pool installations.
2 house clamps for plumbing in-ground pools or hard plumbed pools.
Optional accessory pad for mounting with ClearWater pumps and filters
2 check valves to prevent backflow of water into chlorinator.

2" socket x 2-1/2" spigot (1-1/2" socket reducers included)
A check valve to prevent backflow of water into chlorinator.

Used for 1 week and then closed pool for good. $45.00.