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Companies I rate EXCELLENT based on my personal experience
I have had more horrible experiences that I care to remember. But if I were to list them all, I would probably exceed my hosts 100MB server size limit. (updated 5/24/07)

• Hudson Sprayers: I bought a new Hudson NeverPump 2 gallon Sprayer in May 2007. I was not ticked with Hudson for a BAD PRODUCT. Rather, I was IMPRESS with my conversation with the sales person. I was told up front that they had a lot of problems with this Model, so I returned if to my supplier for a refund. Before hanging up, she said, please don't give up on Hudson. I replied "No, I won't, I have 4 other Hudson Sprayers and I thanked her for telling it like it was." Many companies would never admit to a bad product. I'll continue to buy only Hudson products. My others have given me years of service.

•Verizon Wireless. Switched from Srpint and cannot say enough about the professional way the switch was handled. Months later my two phone Rebates denied, but one call to my sales person and VIOLA the problem was resolved. I'm a believer
• Data Memory Systems ( I purchased RAM from them twice in 2001. I had a problem that was thought might be a memory problem (slightly slower speed modules) and they replaced them. I had purchased these 10 months prior. Not only that, they included a PREPAID return RMA. I was so pleased with the way they handled my problem that I had them ship three 512MB memory modules for the G4 I was going to purchase in two weeks. On top of that, they sent the modules OVERNIGHT, NO CHARGE FOR SHIPPING! Unfortunately, 80% of my experiences with other companies is just the opposite, BAD.

• Micromat (Tech Tool Pro diagnostic software). I gave up on Norton a few years ago and purchased Tech Tool Pro for my Mac. Not only do they an excellent product, their tech support IS SUPER!

• Kensington Technology Group. (Trackballs, Gravis Controllers, Carrying Cases). 800 tech support number. Never had to wait more than a minute or two to reach a tech support. Knowledgeable, friendly. Great products. I can't say enough about this company.

• FWB (Hard Disk Toolkit) Drive formatting and diagnostic utility software. Usually respond to emails the next day.

• PC Connection. (Hardware & Software). Have been a customer for many years. Purchased much of my Mac Hardware and Software from them. Good tech support. Great on Returns. Simply ONE OF THE BEST!

• PC ZONE. (Hardware & Software). Another of my favorite suppliers. My comments about PC Connection (above) apply.

• (Online purchases). Never a problem and great on returns. And, on defective merchandise, they will pay for the shipping to return it by sending out a call tag. IMPRESSIVE!

• Kodak. Excellent tech support. Never a wait. 800#.

• Quantum Corp. (Hard Drives). Excellent products. Very good support. Bought 5 Quantum drives over the years.

• ICOM. Ham radio equipment. Tech support is great, they respond to emails the next day.

• Hosting service that I use. I've been with them for almost 2 years and THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT! Previously I was with three others, and they all were NG!